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On October 22, 2022, the Rotary Club of Brownsville Sunrise contributed to eradicating and ending Polio. Our club donated 2,500 dollars. We also want to thank Joseph Michael Dickerson of the Laredo Rotary Club and the motorcycles for riding around the valley to support the awareness of END POLIO. By supporting the Motorcycles Ride, your donation will be double-matched by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Rotary District 5930 Network. Thanks for the following law enforcement escorts:

  1. Willacy County

  2. Jim Wells County

  3. Duval County

  4. Kleberg County

  5. Hildago County

  6. Nueces County

  7. Cameron County.

Rotarian Mike Dickerson (JMD) from The Rotary Club of Laredo coordinated with some Rotarians and others to ride over 800 miles to raise money to END POLIO NOW.

This was a great opportunity to meet other Rotarians, and support these riders by giving a donation (the goal is to raise $10,000).

Any donations may be tax deductible and will be matched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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