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December 1, 2022
White Christmas Party & Installation Banquet for Rotaract RGV Leaders

December 12, 2022
Alta Vista Nursing Home

It has been probably more than 20 years since the Alta Vista Nursing Home project was started by our Rotary Club of Brownsville Sunrise members, Stan and Carmela Pretraitis. The purpose of this project was to bring a smile, bring Santa Claus and bring a Choir group to sing Christmas songs to the residents of this home health care center. We also had the Rotaract RGV Leaders Club from UTRGV assisting us this day. It was very moved to see the smile of each and everyone of the residents and had a small talk to say all this was for you. May the Lord give us the strength, and the love to continue with this wonderful project.

January 19, 2023

Our Rotary Club of Brownsville Sunrise painted over graffiti the Olivera Park on Monday, Jan. 16 (MLK Day), 9:00 am-12. The City of Brownsville provided all the equipment and paint. Rotary Club of Brownsville Sunrise and the Rotaract RGV Leaders from UTRGV were helping groom and paint the park. Special thanks to Ms. Mary Elizabeth Hollmann for coordinating this event. Enrique Medellin (President), Anita BeasMary Elizabeth HollmannMarissa Badillo, and Luis Cavazos supported this wonderful project with enthusiasm and energy.

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